Sukhrob R. Karimov

Arabic Script Tutorial

Arabic Script Tutorial app from Sukhrob Karimov on Vimeo.

This application is a perfect tool for these who want to learn Arabic through tablet devices. All of the interactive activities are designed to help beginning learners start reading and writing in Arabic more quickly and easily. Evaluation option will allow you to sharpen your writing techniques. The main objective of this app is to teach Arabic script and includes the following features:

1. Provides a range of opportunities for users to practice reading and writing; and evaluates user's writing

2. Trains users to recognize the various shapes of the letters in context

3. Teaches the various forms of the Arabic script through authentic video recordings

4. Tests the user’s listening comprehension skills.

Dari Alphabet App

Dari Alphabet app from Sukhrob Karimov on Vimeo.

Pronunciation. This part will help you learn the shapes and sounds of the Dari letters using familiar words in English that resemble the shapes and use similar sounds. Alphabet. In this part, you will learn the Dari alphabet with the help of animated pictures and pronunciation of the letters and sample vocabulary. Practice. Here, you will first read the word and then find the individual letters it consists of. Select the letter below and ten tap on the space where it appears in the word.

Other Games and Applications

In the past two year, I had a chance to develop several games and language learning applications. Below are some of the examples.

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