Adobe AIR

With progressing development in mobile industry, there are a lot of devices with different operating systems, features, capabilities, screen resolutions and densities. To decide which devise(s) to target is not an easy task neither for administration nor for developers. Novice developers usually prepare themselves to create for the platform that holds the majority of the market; unless, they already have programming background in a language. So what platform to choose?

My personal approach was always to target as broader audience as possible. Therefore, one of my primary native mobile app development tools is Adobe Air.  Why? Because it allows you to write the code once and then package it for such various platforms: iOS, Android, BlackBerry 10 and Playbook OS.  Because a lot of my work is on a smaller scale, it is very convenient to deliver the app worth of two week coding to a broader range of devices via Adobe Air.

It is my recommendation to beginners to use Adobe Air for app development, especially that it is cost effective and not as time consuming.

You can learn more about Adobe Air here.

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