Complimentary Passes to BlackBerry Jam Americas

I am pleased to share that the BlackBerry Academic Program is offering complimentary passes to academics and students for this year’s event.

BlackBerry Jam Americas
is coming to Orlando, Florida on May 14-16, 2013, and on a first come, first serve basis, academics and students are eligible to receive complimentary passes to attend.

BlackBerry Jam Americas will be an unparalleled opportunity to learn about the future of BlackBerry and to get the most in depth content on developing mobile applications for the game-changing BlackBerry® 10 platform.

Email to receive your free pass to BlackBerry Jam Americas

Please note that complimentary passes are only available to professors/instructors, qualified staff and students from accredited universities and colleges. Please attach a copy of your university/professor ID for verification.

BlackBerry Jam Americas is where you can:

  • Get a broad technical mix of content, from development basics to deep dive sessions to development time with experts
  • Choose from a wide range of sessions that dig deep into the BlackBerry 10 platform and the opportunities for app differentiation
  • Learn how to engage users with a beautiful UI and amazing user experience
  • See how the Native SDK and BlackBerry® WebWorks™ SDK can work for you
  • Take your apps to the market with a profitable app development model that delivers real return on investment
  • Understand how to use BlackBerry World (formerly BlackBerry App World™) to turn millions of app hungry BlackBerry users into loyal, profitable customers
  • Connect with fellow developers and BlackBerry partners to compare and collaborate on ideas

Recording Portal

This February I had an opportunity and time to develop something that would make language instructors’ life easier. Recording Portal is a self-contained, web-based audio & video recording portal. No more downloading software, then converting to correct formats, then uploading to content managers. Just record and send to your instructor all on the same webpage! Try it now!

Recording portal is fully functioning and it is open to any suggestions you might have. Any valid recommendations will be incorporated into the second release of the program.

Pure MVC and App Development

Using Pure MVC framework to develop mobile app was a success! Great experience!

PureMVC is a lightweight framework for creating applications based upon the classic Model-View-Controller design meta-pattern. In my work I implemented the MultiCore Version, written for the ActionScript 3 language. It supports modular programming through the use of Multiton Core actors instead of the Singletons used in the Standard VersionLearn more about the framework here…

Here is more on this developed app: This app will help you learn the shapes and sounds of the Uyghur letters using familiar words in English that resemble the shapes and use similar sounds. Under shape recognition activity, you will first read the word and then find the individual letters it consists of. Also, under listening activity,  you will hear the pronunciation and the image of a word. Here, the task is to guess which word has been pronounced by choosing one of the two words.

<p>Hello world!</p>

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